Senior Developer - Ruby on Rails

London, England, United Kingdom · Loyalty Bay


The Company

Perkbox has built one of the UK’s most successful digital engagement platforms, offering employers a wide choice of financial, health and wellbeing perks with which to recognize and reward their employees. Headquartered in London with a new office in Sheffield, we have grown from 20 employees in April 2015 to over 180 employees and counting. Perkbox helps companies of all sizes attract, motivate and retain staff by creating a positive and supportive working culture. We are considered one of the most refreshing and innovative ways to improve employee happiness and productivity.

People are taking notice too, and recent awards include:-

We are also big believers in practicing what we preach! You can see more about our culture here:

Loyalty Bay is part of the Perkbox family of businesses and our mission is to help businesses build better relationships with their customers.

Loyalty Bay digitises the process of rewarding customers at important touch points in the customer journey, from on boarding to purchasing, upselling and referring friends, cementing complaint resolution and rewarding long term loyalty. Loyalty Bay provides rewards for their customers in 21 markets globally.

Loyalty Bay ensures the right personalised reward is directed to the right customer at the right time.

We are looking for a Senior Developer to join us immediately.

The Role

You will be the first hire in the Customer Engagement development team, working directly with the Engineering Director. Great teams collaborate and have trust in each other. In a great team you feel safe asking ‘stupid’ questions, or admitting you don’t know something. In a great team you can ask for help. In great teams people are learning from each other all the time. Great teams aren’t afraid of failure but learn from mistakes. You will be instrumental in helping to build this culture.

Day-to-day you will be working with existing systems, improving them and supporting their growth. There are also several major new projects in the pipeline, which you will be fully involved in shaping. You will need to get things done and constantly be learning. At the same time, technical debt will kill our ability to move fast, so code and system quality/simplicity are essential.

Overall the way we work is that we’re given high-level goals and left to figure out the best way to achieve them.


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